Spock got his first skateboard at the age of 11 in the spring of 1977. It was a plastic “Yellow Banana” with urethane wheels and loose ball bearings. Skating the uneven and rough back country roads of Northern California proved to be a challenge until his family moved into the suburbs with smooth sidewalks and streets. Finding like minded friends with proper skateboards is when things began to take off. They built wooden halfpipes, found empty backyard pools, concrete full pipes, skateparks and hills to skate. As time progressed and with a lot of “skating everyday” skills got better. Eventually Spock would find his way into skate magazines and sponsorships.

Flash forward 2003~ As a snowboard instructor living in Salt Lake City Spock is approached to take over a summer “skateboard class”. With an eye already focused on youth instruction he says “yes” and names it Spocks’ Skate Camp. It’s a good fit. Instructors are needed as more camps and students begin to blossom in the high desert. Now a trainer and supervisor at Brighton Resort, Spock, handpicks top notch instructors (who also skateboard) with extensive training on how to work with children.

Safety, Fun and Learning is what Spock’s Skate Camp Instructors are all about!